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Making a Smart Investment

Why Buying A Home In Southwest Florida Today Is A Smart Move For Tomorrow

Now is the best time to buy your new waterfront home in Cape Coral and Southwest Florida! Yes, that's a bold statement, but accurate none the less. In general it is a very smart time to buy a home here on the Gulf Coast of Florida; the mortgage interest rates are still low, the economy is thriving, and Florida is an income-tax free state. All of these factors, and more, create what is a "perfect storm" of opportunity for buyers.

Viewing pictures on the MLS only tells part of the story when it comes to properties for sale in Cape Coral. Call Erik and let him help you navigate the waters of the Cape Coral real estate market. Get the inside scoop on up-and-coming areas, where you can find hidden gems, true income-producing investment homes, and even where to grab the best grouper sandwich. 

A Little About Southwest Florida

Southwest Florida is a beautiful place with warm weather all year. It also enjoys a lower cost of living than other areas of the state. 

The area is full of beautiful canals—Cape Coral has over 400 miles of canals, which is more than any other place in the world. 

Unemployment rates are low, and rental returns are high, making it a great place to rent out properties. 

*Compiled with data from various national, local and state-wide real estate research sources including Florida's multiple listing services (MLS), Trulia, and Forbes.  All information based on March 2018 reports.